The Moiré Lampshade was concepted, engineered and fabricated by Geert Verbist.


“It was during a Christmas Holiday in Milano that the first idea of a combining the traditional Japanese craft of Origami with the circular foot came to mind. I could not wait to get home and make a first prototype. 

From there on, there was no way back, I had to bring this concept to live…” 


Geert has over 20 years of experience (CV-link) in product development, bringing products from blank drawing boards to production phase in various areas of the industry

(automotive, telecom, printing, design, consumer electronics…)


“I always feel the need to develop my ideas,  mostly filling the gap between technical development activities, product styling and even arts.

Therefore I started Galerie STORM, a creative hub, where ideas and early concepts meet a lively audience.”

The creative hub in his atelier opens often to the public for art exhibitions of local talents.

Galerie STORM has welcomed since it’s start many artists, motivating them to step forward and put light on their creations.

In autumn 2016 radio STORM was concepted. The idea was to create an internet radio platform for local music adepts.

The concept has evolved into a mobile radio cube that can be unfolded anywhere a power plug is available.

The event radio can be installed at festivals, pubs, theaters, exibitions,…

This brings events and collaborating DJ’s to a broader audience and creating a fellowship atmosphere among spectators and participants.





    Pollution grade No 3 – 2017  – Lenticular lightbox 1,2 x 1,6 m – Geert Verbist